Super Motor Co., Ltd. , China Ning

2010 Events

1.4 Manager's Office organized the 2009 advanced selection of model workers

1.19 The company held a grand opening ceremony was completed plant

3.1 The company started Bridge - the relocation of three new plants

3.3 The company organized nearly 300 new staff orientation

3.19 Yang , chairman , presided over the meeting of all forest department staff , general manager , team leader and above management meeting

3.18-25 Yang , chairman , general manager Lin medium-sized conference room on the second floor of the workshop staff symposium hosted

4.13 The company passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification

4.20 The company according to the relocation of the organization, to revise the job duties of the management positions

4.22 The company organization department personnel and executive-level and above to participate in " execution team " training

4.23 The company has reported to the three Union Impregnation the stator winding process improvement deeds

4.23 According to the instructions of the company , the relevant department heads to participate in attachment management workshop

4.16 Summary company's 2009 annual awards ceremony was held

5.6 The company invited bearing manufacturers and technical personnel for the assembly plant to explain the " motor bearing assembly Basics"

5.12-30 company organize relevant technical staff on the front line operatives each step process operation knowledge and skills training

5.8 The company " workshop director performance appraisal " was officially launched

5.8 Company's production management and logistics management personnel to the Jiaojiang participate in " material control and warehouse management " training

5.8 Provincial Federation of Trade Unions , the coastal industrial city CMC co- sponsored the " art into the enterprise ," large-scale theatrical tour held

5.28 by Lin chaired the workshop Managing Director level and above meeting at office meeting room on the second floor of the center

5.31 The company team to participate in the coastal industrial city hosted the CMC , the company sponsored "rather fast Cup" park second session of the Games ,

      And won the " Outstanding Contribution Award ", " first group " and many other awards

6.5 In order to enrich their cultural life of leisure , the company is equipped with advanced facilities officially opened electronic reading

6.11 by Yang , chairman of the supervisory personally presided over and above meeting at office meeting room on the second floor of medium-sized

6.14 International trade, domestic trade all of the relocation China Ning speed , so far, the company moved work all over

6.27 The company held its first staff games, and success

6.30 The company identified in July as " rationalization proposals " month , five proposals submitted outstanding staff award

7.1 The company " department performance appraisal " was officially launched

7.1 the celebration of the 89 anniversary of founding riddles

7.2 The establishment of the company branch


7.22 Yang , chairman of the department staff personally proctored exam Responsibilities

7.23 The office staff , team leaders and management staff meeting was held on the sixth floor multi-purpose hall

7.25 Young , chairman personally presided over the special training performance appraisal

8.1 Assessment officially launched ERP Warehouse

8.1-3 company executives went to Ningbo to send supplies to participate in " Analysis and reduce procurement costs Practical Course " training

8.5 Organization of Personnel Division to conduct opinion polls on the front-line employees

8.5 Young , chairman hosted "rather fast company first democratic life ."

8.9 company to organize all the management and all department personnel management questionnaire

8.10 The company has built production plant , office buildings through the planning and acceptance

8.28 The company organized 18 production managers went jiaojiang participate in the " corporate job skills training workshop director ."

9.10 The company held the first session of the star employees will be assessed

9.24 . Held a grand scale unprecedented " Super Motor Co., Ltd. , China Ning opening ceremony "

    "I would rather high speed motor 2010 Dealers Association " and success

10.4 The three county leaders accompanied Luotian County rubbing test group to come to visit our company

10.4 . Opening ceremonies, Dealers Association summary report will be medium-sized office on the second floor conference room

10.6 . Attended the " North-South collaboration Taizhou Seventh Congress" city and county leaders to come to visit our company

10.8 The company was established trade union committee

10.7-11.30 company set up an expert working group to solve practical problems in depth workshop toured last two months

10.10 . Energy-efficiency labeling online filing success

10.15 Basics motor race held

10.23 . Organized Ning velocity ( force super ) Motor talents Reunion Association

10.24 The organization team leaders , executives and Talented above Tiantai tourism department staff , manager level and above Lake in Hangzhou Tourism

11.24 . Senior leadership went to sea to participate in " post-crisis era of business strategy - quality- centric business management ," CEO forum.

11.25 The company involved in the workshop for stamping two stator lamination H315 Model 160T stamping die and then feeding device adapted to give 500 yuan reward employees .

11.26.CE through the audit certificate

12.3 Taizhou , Sanmen County Propaganda Department and the Union leaders to come to visit our company

12.20 The company established the Family Planning Association

12.24 The company through the " export product quality permit" on-site audit

12.25-26 company executives and administration, supply, sales department manager to participate in the Shanghai Feng Jing held " Ning -speed ( Group ) Company's strategic objectives for 2011 Seminar"

12.29 The company organized in 2011 New Year's Gala